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Varsity Tutors is one of the many online learning companies in the industry. The company was founded in 2007 by Chuck Cohn with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. However, the story for Varsity has begun when Chuck Cohn was a student and moved his geometry grade from F to an A+ with the help of a tutor. During his school years, he gained experience in various needs in tutoring. With the help of these experiences, he started the company and has become the founder and CEO of Varsity Tutors.

If you are interested in becoming an online tutor and finding online tutoring jobs, varsity tutors is also one of the places you can look at (It currently accepts only US-based people).

How Varsity Tutors Works?

Varsity Tutors provides a platform that tutors and students can find each other and meet online and offline. As the tutor and student agreed on a scheduled meeting, Varsity Tutors gets a commission from what a student pay. There are some vague point about the rate and cost what students pay and what tutors get but we will come to that below.

Varsity Tutors has an online learning platform that is working both desktop and mobile systems. With the help of video chat, interactive tools, and collaborative workspaces, tutors and students get the most from the system.

Varsity Tutors divide the services into 3 different categories. The first one is the most common service among other online learning websites and they named it “Online Tutoring”  which describes basic online scheduled meetings. The second one is named  “Mobile Tutoring” which is most likely the same as Online Tutoring but working on apps on mobile devices and yes, you can share screen and video too.

The third and the last one is “Instant Tutoring” which works as a posting system. You tell the system in what subject do you need assistance and you are get connected to a tutor in a short time which they claim as little as 15 seconds. Instant Tutoring is also working on mobile devices too.

Varsity Tutors Reviews

As in other websites or online learning platforms, Varsity Tutors has both positive and negative reviews out there. When we examine the positive reviews online, we can say most of them are related to the quality of tutors and how students of parents are happy with Varsity Tutors.

You can see one of the examples of these good reviews posted on April 22nd, 2020.

Varsity Tutors Review 1

Other positive reviews are mainly grouped as the tutors’ and students’ positive experience on the platform and stated how happy they are to be a part of Varsity Tutors.

On the other hand, there are some negative reviews which have different subjects. Some of the customers stated that they couldn’t get help on “Instant Tutoring” in a reasonable time. One customer stated below that, he couldn’t get any help for 48 hours. However, as we checked the website we saw that Varsity Tutors claim to get you a tutor in as little as 15 seconds.

Ok, there may be times and particular subjects that a student can find a tutor in 15 seconds but we can’t compare 15 seconds and 48 hours in the same tutoring model. It seems like there is a matching problem on the platform which results in more waiting time than expected. Varsity Tutors should at least determine and change the subjects stated in “Instant Tutoring” so that, if they can’t provide a tutor in a short time students can see that and don’t waste their time waiting. You can see the example below for the customer waited so long for help.

Review 2

The last common negative review that you see is the low rates that tutors get, especially for the live sessions. We will give you the detailed prices that an average tutor gets at Varsity Tutor but we can say that the most common pay is $15. If you consider the time to commute and gas prices, $15 is not a good rate for 1-1 tutors and these negative reviews seem to be right.

Is Varsity Tutors Legit

Is Varsity Tutors Legit

Varsity Tutors is definitely a legit company that has been on the market for more than 12 years and helped many students and tutors in online learning. The company has offices in Seattle, Phoenix, St. Louis, and Victoria which also supports the legitimacy of it. Moreover, Varsity Tutors has more than 40,000 tutors in the system and there are more than 1,000 academic topics that students can get help.

How to Become a Tutor at Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors Jobs

As you can work from home during convenient hours, it’s a perfect option for college students or anyone who is in search of extra income. However, all applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree or as a student, they should pursue a bachelor’s degree.

To become a tutor at Varsity, you need to fill out an online application that usually takes 3-5 minutes. Besides your personal information, you should select the areas or subjects that you want to tutor such as math, geometry, SAT, or Spanish. For the next step you will be taken to pre-employment testing related to your selected subjects. Later you will need to enter information about your education history and valid teaching license. After you submit the application, it’s been reviewed and if you are selected as an eligible candidate interview process on the line. The interview process usually consists of an interview on the phone and online testing.

How Much Money Can You Earn

Hourly Rate

You can work as a tutor at Varsity both in-person and online. The pays are usually between $15 and $40 per hour. As we study the reviews about the website, we saw that the low pay rate is one of the major complaints that tutors have.

What tutors get on the platform is based on the different factors such as subjects, experience, and the area you live in. If you have advanced skills or can tutor on subjects regarding to GRE or LSAT tests you can earn more money. As there is no clear information about what company gets from the payment, we can infer from the reviews that the 50% commission rate is somewhere in the middle.

Final Words

Varsity Tutors is another legit and successful company in the online learning industry. The company basically provides a platform that tutors and students find each other and meet both online and in-person. Most of the tutors and students are happy about the service they get. However, there are some points that the company needs to take into consideration such as low payment rates and the way that system finds a relevant tutor for a subject in the “Instant Tutoring” service. Time is valuable for everyone and waiting for 48 hours is not acceptable in the online learning industry.

As they have a large number of tutors, you can get help with a lot of academic topics. If you aren’t happy with your tutor, you can change whenever you want. You can have a perfect study plan with the help of qualified experts on the platform.

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