What is an Ultimate Guide?

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Here in Online Tutoring Mastery, we strive to provide you the best content about online tutoring, so that online tutoring can change your life too. We have blog posts written by us, and by guest authors. However, only a small subset of them are named “Ultimate Guides”. That’s because not all blog posts are created equal.

Blue Pill Red Pill Fig 1: Ultimate Guides are densely packed pills of knowledge that have the potential to have a strong impact on your life

Regular blog posts are typically aimed at solving a specific problem, explaining a specific concept etc. Accordingly, they are shorter. Ultimate guides are more comprehensive and self-containing, therefore longer.

Since ultimate guides are longer and they cover a wide variety of topics, using the table of contents is recommended. If you decide to read them in full, the couple of hours you invest in reading them are going to save you dozens of hours you would have to spend trying to find the same info yourself.

  • Ultimate guides can give rise to a temptation to quit your job and focus on online tutoring full time. Regular blog posts have nothing against your job. (Luckily, online tutoring is the part-time friendliest profession on the planet, so no need to quit your job)
  • If regular posts are small phone apps, ultimate guides are major system updates.
  • If you see our servers burning and can save just a couple of posts, ultimate guides are the ones you should save.

We recommend reading them in the order below:

Become An Online Tutor – the Ultimate Guide

This one is about the fundamentals of becoming an online tutor. You can see the table of contents below:

Ultimate Guide 1 Table of Contents

You can click here to go to the guide.

Online Tutoring Jobs – The Ultimate Guide

After you learn the fundamentals of becoming an online tutor with the first ultimate guide, this one explains how to handle the marketing aspects and where to find the students to tutor online. This ultimate guide is about putting what we have learned in the first one into practice.

Table of contents is below:

Ultimate Guide 2 Table of Contents

You can click here to go to the guide.

Now What?

After enjoying all the knowledge in the two ultimate guides you may wonder where the episode three is. We would love to give you a third one but we write ultimate guides only when:

  • The topic is large and in demand enough to deserve an ultimate guide
  • We are knowledgeable enough about the topic to write a guide

Therefore ultimate guides are published rather rarely. But don’t get us wrong, we think there are tons of great and useful content in all our blog posts. Feel free to go to the homepage and enjoy all the content you can find.

Every post is beautiful. We recommend reading them all, ultimates, penultimates, not-so-ultimates. We put in a lot of effort into each one of them to make sure they provide value.

We hope you like the content on our website!

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