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You are looking for teaching or tutoring jobs near you. Great, that implies you are good at teaching! This article is about how you can change your life, thanks to your good teaching skills!

When I started struggling financially, I decided to give online tutoring a try and it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. In this post, I will try to explain why online tutoring is almost certainly a much better option compared to local temporary teaching and tutoring jobs you can find.

Let’s discuss some reasons why I think you will love online tutoring, just like I did. You can also read 5 reasons why tutoring online is great, before or after reading this post.

1. You Can Do It

You Can Do It Teaching Tutoring Jobs Near Me

As I mentioned in the introduction, the only prerequisite to becoming an online tutor is to be good at teaching. No need to have the experience, and you don’t need to be a techie. As long as you are good at teaching so that people would be willing to pay for your tutoring services, you can be a great online tutor.

If you are wondering how, the answer is the website you are looking at! We have detailed guidelines explaining all you need to know to start tutoring online. Two of our must-see guides are:

The first one is about the fundamentals of preparing an online tutoring setup, and the second one focuses more on the marketing aspects (How you can find students to tutor online). Those two detailed guides cover a lot! The hour you will spend reading them will save you dozens of hours in the long run.

Read the guides and decide if you can become an online tutor (Spoiler: You can)

2. It Is A Real Job Just Like Teaching

Tutoring and teaching jobs are real

Do you also feel like jobs that are done online are not real jobs? As if they are fictitious? If yes, then you shouldn’t. It has been more than two decades since the beginning of the 21st century and everything, and I mean everything, is transforming to online.

Especially after the pandemic lock-downs, everyone had to realize online tutoring is at least as real as in-person tutoring. The global k12 online tutoring market by assessment is expected to reach 77 billion dollars. How unreal is this? In fact, I would argue the opposite. With the developing technology, online jobs gradually become more “real” compared to their local counterparts.

This also explains why many people who discovered online tutoring don’t want to go back to conventional in-person teaching (including me and many people I know).

3. It Pays As Much As In-Person Tutoring Does

Teaching and tutoring jobs near me paycheck

Yes this is counter-intuitive, but it is correct. Since a typical person pays more for in-person tutoring compared to online tutoring, we expect online tutoring rates to be lower. However, the detail we overlook is the massive outreach potential you get with online tutoring.

Yes, a typical person would pay less for online tutoring. However, for the case of in-person tutoring, only the people in your city are your audience. Online tutoring gives you access to the whole world. Since for online tutoring the number of people bidding on your services is much, much higher, your rate also increases.

Looking at my experience I can definitely confirm that you can charge the same hourly rate as in in-person tutoring, and even more, if you do online tutoring properly. When done properly, online tutoring is at least as efficient and lucrative as in-person tutoring is.

4. You Can Take Action Now

Take Action

Job hunt is stressful. You look for job postings, apply, wait for answers, hope that they will call you for an interview. There is absolutely nothing you can do to accelerate this process and this causes a huge waste of your time.

Online tutoring is different. Since you are not hired by anyone (even online tutoring marketplaces treat you as an independent contractor) you don’t need anyone’s approval to start. You can take action now! Nothing prevents you from starting to read the detailed guides we mentioned, and begin your online tutoring preparations today.

You will be independent, and you won’t have to wait for a call from anyone to proceed with your new profession. You won’t waste time.

5. Time to Act

time for action

I definitely recommend giving online tutoring a try. I am very confident that, with the help of the content on our website, you will enjoy doing online tutoring much more than the local teaching and tutoring jobs you can find.

You can be your own boss, set your own schedule, and join the community of teachers/tutors who almost never leave their homes for work.

What do you think? Would you prefer local teaching and tutoring jobs near you, or online tutoring? How do you feel about the factors we have listed? Let us know so that we all can become better online tutors together!

(PS: We recommend reading 5 reasons why tutoring online is great)


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