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Have you been wondering over recent months how to generate a home-based income doing something fun and interesting?

Who hasn’t, right?

Well, if you have the skills, you should consider teaching online.

Already a thriving vertical, online teaching jobs are only becoming more popular with social distancing impacting face-to-face learning.

The beauty of teaching online is that you can do it anywhere with a decent WiFi connection. Whether you love to travel, or you simply prefer to work from home, you’ll find an abundance of teaching positions available.

If you’re a native English speaker, there are tons of online English teaching jobs you can do even if you don’t have a degree. If you’re already qualified to teach math, science, or geography you can command great rates while enjoying the flexibility of teaching anywhere.

Teaching online will give you valuable experience if you’re planning on pursuing a career in education.

Some companies don’t require you to be fluent in English or to hold a degree. Whatever your skills, you should be able to generate an income from online teaching.

1. Online Teaching Jobs That Require a Qualification

In Asia, particularly China, it’s very common for young learners to take English classes online. This translates to a great number of opportunities to start teaching.

These companies tend to offer a prepared curriculum for young Chinese learners, so there’s no lesson planning involved on your part. Previously, just about anyone could teach with these companies, but China has recently tightened up the requirements. Now, teachers are typically required to hold a degree and an accredited TEFL certificate.

We’ll now explore 5 companies offering online teaching jobs to properly qualified candidates.

  • Landi English
  • iTutor
  • English First
  • Englishunt
  • PalFish

1.1. Landi English

Landi English Online Teaching Jobs

Landi is considered one of the best Chinese online teaching platforms for young learners out there.

This company has an immersive student-centered teaching style. With Landi, you typically teach more than two students at a time. The company encourages the peer interaction teaching method, which means students are encouraged to interact with the teacher and each other in English.

Lessons are fun with entertaining songs, graphics, and animations. Students start learning as young as two.

Class times are less flexible as you set your availability every 6 months to encourage repeat classes.

Pay is competitive with Landi English at $16 to $23 per hour.

1.2. iTutor

iTutorGroup Online Teaching Jobs

iTutor provides one-year contracts to teachers who are degree and TEFL-qualified. Schedules with iTutor are quite flexible, although you are required to commit to a minimum of 10 peak hours a week.

You could be earning between $1,500 and $3,000 a month with iTutor group if you compile a great profile and make your lessons fun and interesting.

1.3. English First

English First Logo

English First employ degree and TEFL certificate holders to deliver online English classes to children or adults. However, they only accept US or UK citizens.

If you’re fluent in an additional language like Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, French, or German, you could get opportunities to teach beginner English classes.

Classes are conversation-based, and all lesson materials are prepared for you. All you need to do is be familiar with the lesson and have a stable wired internet connection.

English First pay around $12 to $19 US an hour.

1.4. Englishhunt

Englishhunt Logo

US citizens can teach English conversation to South Korean businesspeople through Englishunt. You don’t need a degree to work for Englishunt, but you must either have a TEFL qualification, or 48 hours of college credits.

Englishunt conversation classes are prepared for you and only last between 10 and 20 minutes long. To work for Englishunt, you need to be from the US although you can work anywhere in the world.

You need a stable internet connection as lessons are given via a softphone you install on your computer (a softphone is a software that allows you to make calls via your computer).

Englishunt pays around $10 to $12 US an hour.

1.5. PalFish

Palfish Logo

For real flexibility, PalFish enables you to teach via a smartphone or tablet. PalFish is a Chinese company that allows you to set your own hours and rate. You can teach adults or children on the PalFish platform.

Teachers with a degree and teaching qualification can apply to teach the PalFish Official Kids Course. This works much like other Chinese companies such as Landi and iTutor. Classes are prepared for you and incorporate bright colorful graphics and animations.

PalFish teachers typically earn $10 to $12 US an hour, although established teachers can charge around $30 US an hour.

What can you do if you’re not quite so qualified, though?

2. Online Teaching Jobs That Don’t Require a Qualification

If you don’t have a degree or TEFL qualification there are still opportunities out there. There are millions of people who just want to practice English conversation and are happy to pay to talk to anyone who is a friendly and patient native English speaker.

If you’re a native speaker, you already know the language inside out. Why not explore the following platforms where there isn’t such a barrier to entry in terms of qualifications?

  • Cambly
  • Italki
  • Preply

2.1. Cambly

Cambly Logo Online Teaching Jobs

The idea of Cambly is purely for people to practice their fluency in English by interacting with native speakers.

You could get paid to talk English with people from all over the world with Cambly. Cambly is quite different from typical online English companies. You don’t need a degree or a teaching qualification. All you need is to be a native English speaker.

You could be speaking to a Japanese professor one minute, a Saudi Arabian pilot or a Turkish lawyer the next.

English learners buy credits from Cambly then browse through the many profiles of English speakers. They use these credits to pay for conversations with different speakers.

When your profile is accepted, you log into their web-based application and mark yourself as available. Your profile will then appear in search results. When someone wants to speak with you, they will call you. You and the learner can speak via microphone and camera in real-time.

Pay is 17 cents a minute ­– approximately $10.20 per hour –  but you might not be booked for the whole hour. This is the downside of Cambly. There’s no guarantee you’ll hit that hourly rate.

As long as you provide great conversation practice and show dedication to your callers, though, you should attract great ratings and generate a consistent income.

Cambly is super-flexible, and you can set your hours to suit. Payments are made every Monday to your PayPal account.

2.2. italki

iTalki Logo

italki is a global resource for teachers and learners of any language in the world. This platform is the largest online teaching marketplace in the world. No matter what language you are fluent in, you can teach it to others.

italki offers two tiers of teaching opportunities – qualified teachers can work as a Professional Teacher while those without a degree or teaching qualification can work as a Community Tutor.

The beauty of italki is that you can set your own schedule and rate. However, if you set your rate too high, you might not attract many students.

Teachers tend to earn around $12 to $25 US an hour.

2.3. Preply

Preply Logo

You don’t need a degree or a teaching qualification to tutor with Preply. All that’s required is a reliable internet connection.

Preply places your profile in their teaching marketplace where students select tutors. You have full flexibility depending on your circumstances. You can either make yourself available for full-time hours or just a few hours per week.

You also set your own rate. Preply charges a commission fee of 100% for your first lesson, then between 33% and 18% on a sliding scale for every subsequent lesson. The more you teach, the less commission you pay.

Tutors generally charge around $15 to $20 US per hour.

3. Online Teaching Jobs for Qualified Teachers

If you’ve achieved a Master’s degree or Ph.D. with teaching experience, you have the potential to earn good money by tutoring at college level.

Here are just a couple of options at your disposal:

  • BrainMass
  • Aim4A

3.1. BrainMass

Brainmass Logo

BrainMass is an online tutoring platform for students who need help with their studies in a variety of subjects. Tutors with a Master’s degree or Ph.D. can register as a Teaching Assistant so students can ask questions about specific topics.

Tutors are paid a percentage of what the student pays. If any of the tutor’s questions are later downloaded by other students, the tutor is further rewarded.

3.2. Aim Academics

Aim Academics Logo

Aim is a teaching platform that provides tutors for students at elementary school to college level.

Tutors with a degree and teaching experience can teach their subject, and help to prepare students for tests such as GED, AP, SAT, and PSAT.

To round out, then, how can you maximize your chances of success if you use a platform where students choose based on teacher profiles?

We’ll walk you through that right now.

4. Making A Great Online Teacher Profile

Online English teaching is becoming more popular which means it’s more competitive than ever. To make your online teaching career successful, you need a killer teacher profile and deliver fun, engaging lessons.

If you don’t have any teaching experience you’ll need to ensure your profile stands out in other areas.

If you’re teaching kids, appeal to them with a fun and vibrant profile picture. Use pets, props, maps, and toys in your picture. To appeal to adults, you may want to expand about your previous work history and achievements. Speak about what you can do for your learners. Outline how you can help them in the real world.

Try to sound upbeat and professional, but also make sure you appear friendly and patient.

When you write your profile, try to make it sound like your lessons will enrich their learning. Keep the language simple and try to make it relevant to your target students.

5. Wrap-Up

Today’s short glimpse at teaching online has only scratched the surface. We hope you enjoy exploring the above resources. Drop us a line and let us know if you try your luck with any of these platforms.

Also, in addition to the ESL online teaching jobs, if you are interested in tutoring online in a broader sense, we recommend checking out our ultimate guide articles on becoming an online tutor and finding online tutoring jobs.

For a location-independent income doing something you might actually enjoy, teaching online is rewarding and eminently achievable. What have you got to lose?

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