6 Jobs for Current, Former and Retired Teachers

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Whether you are a teacher considering an alternative job, or you have already left the profession and are looking for the best job options for a former or retired teacher, you are not alone. According to a report from the Learning Policy Institute, around 8% of teachers leave the profession every year. It is not unusual at all for teachers to explore other possibilities.

The good news is, having a background in teaching means you have a large set of unique and in-demand skills. You are good at communication, and know how to interact with people. In addition to these social skills, you are an expert at the topic you are teaching (or have been teaching) as well. What are some of the best ways you can leverage this set of skills? Let’s discuss some of our favorite options.

1. Online Tutoring

Alternative Jobs For Retired Teachers Online Tutoring

Considering the name of the website you are reading at the moment, this does not come as a surprise. We absolutely love online tutoring! We explain some of the reasons in 5 reasons why online tutoring is great article. To summarize that article:

  • It pays as much as in-person tutoring does, and possibly more. Hourly rates can be at the same level as, or even more than, the hourly rate of a software engineer or a medical doctor.
  • It has relatively low responsibility: If you don’t want to work with a specific student or you want to stop online tutoring for some reason, the barrier to quit is much lower compared to almost every other profession.
  • You get lots of human interaction: In my experience, it is much harder to get bored when you have people interacting with you, and especially when they appreciate what you are doing. And if you are a good online tutor, you will hear a lot of good words from your students, which will help you keep your mood up all the time.
  • Flexible schedule: You decide when you want to work, and rescheduling the sessions is incomparably easier compared to conventional teaching at schools.
  • Work from anywhere: Only requirements are an internet connection and a couple of pieces of hardware. You can work as an online tutor with the same level of efficiency anywhere you want.

These are just some of the great aspects of online tutoring we have discussed in the article we mentioned. However, since you are coming from a teaching background, it has even more advantages for you!

  • The only prerequisite to online tutoring is being good at teaching, which is a skill you have almost by definition.
  • You already have credentials you can use while marketing your online tutoring services. People are going to be willing to pay more for a professional teacher or a former/retired teacher
  • You already know how teaching is done, so you will feel no friction while transitioning to this new profession.

We think that, these factors combined make online tutoring a great next job for you. Whether you are a current teacher looking for an alternative part-time job, or a former/retired teacher looking for a new job, it is a perfect fit.

The biggest concern you may have is not knowing where to start, but no need to worry because the answer is the website you are looking at! You can read our “ultimate guide” series to start your online tutoring journey even today:

To summarize, we think the best next step to leverage the teaching skills you already have is to tutor online. Since it has a very low barrier to entry, we highly recommend giving it a try even if you did not make your final decision yet!

2. Entrepreneurship

Alternative Jobs For Retired Teachers Entrepreneurship

Another option is entrepreneurship.  This is a very broad term and includes a wide variety of possibilities. But one thing for sure is, social skills like marketing and communication are crucial for any entrepreneur, and those are a subset of skills that you built in your years teaching. In this sense, entrepreneurship can be a good option for you too.

If the idea you have or the company you join/work for is related to education or educational technologies, then it is even better because you can use your teaching credentials to demonstrate your competence further.

Since we are talking about entrepreneurship for educators, let us mention the great guest post we have on starting an online tutoring business, in case you are interested.

3. Administrative Jobs – Education Administration

Alternative Jobs For Retired Teachers Administration

You already know the school and teaching environment. You are familiar with the challenges both teachers and students face. You are a complete insider, you lived in the same environment for years. Who could be a better administrator candidate than you?

This option can be considered if you want to stay close to the school environment but don’t want to do active teaching. Social skills you have built in your years of teaching will be invaluable for your new administrative position as well.

4. Marketing

Online Tutoring Marketing

It is likely that you got to meet numerous people and therefore in a sense built an audience in your years teaching. Also, you interacted with numerous people of various ages, you know how to communicate. Adding the prestige and reputation you will have thanks to being a former (or a current) teacher on top of these, you are a great candidate to work in marketing!

5. Human Resources

Human Resources

Companies typically train new employees, and training processes closely resemble the teaching at school. You can leverage your teaching skills to contribute to the training processes in the corporate world! Alternatively, you can work as a recruiter since you have experience in interacting with and assessing people from all kinds of backgrounds.

6. Editor/Writer

Editor Writer

Think about how much writing you have done as a teacher. How much paperwork you had to handle. An important aspect of your job was to assess the work of your students, evaluate and suggest improvements. These skills are making you a natural candidate for being an editor. You can consider a position as an editor and keep evaluating/improving the work of others, this time maybe without attaching a score in the end.

Alternatively, if your area of expertise has a lot to do with writing, you can consider being a writer as well.

7. Conclusion: Which One to Pick?

As you can see, teaching background provides you a variety of alternative career options, and we listed only a small subset of them. When it comes to which one is the ideal one for you, here is our opinion:

All alternative career choices require some sort of transition effort. For example, if you decide to do marketing you may need to do some training first. You will have to adapt before you can start your new job.

However, online tutoring is the easiest one to transition to. You already are equipped with all the skills you will need to tutor online, in fact, words “teacher” and “tutor” are almost synonymous. Considering the high earning potential and the other aspects that make online tutoring great, we highly recommend giving it a try.

And remember, since it is one of the most flexible jobs on the planet, giving a try to online tutoring does not exclude exploring other possibilities. You can do your marketing training while also tutoring students online. Online tutoring works perfectly well with all kinds of lifestyles and schedules!

What do you think? Which one sounds like the best option to you? Let us know in the comments!

We wish you all the best for your future career endeavors.


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