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Whether you are wondering how to become an online tutor on Chegg, or are thinking whether it’s legit, or you have any other questions related to Chegg; the article thoroughly covers each point.


In the last 20 years, there were significant changes throughout the globe. Previously, before the 1990s if you needed information on a particular topic, you had to go through tons of books. Similarly, if you needed help, finding an expert for a specific subject was not easy.


But with the Internet, all of this became very convenient. Now people are connected through the Internet, which allows them to share resources, connect with people, and share their expertise in an area of study with you.


In the past ten years, ways of learning and teaching too evolved. A vast majority of people still study in the traditional educational systems like schools and universities etc. Whenever they face a problem in academics, they turn to the Internet for help. The Internet offers various platforms that are there to help students in their academics. Likewise, for those who are willing to teach, the Internet offers many online tutoring jobs.

Among companies for online tutoring, Chegg is a very successful and popular one. With its headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Chegg is an educational tech company. Besides being an online tutoring platform, Chegg also serves as a company for rentals for digital and hardcopy textbooks.


 It is a multiservice platform that offers various services for course help and tutoring. Whether you need to learn or you want to teach at Chegg, you are provided with every required material. Chegg uses virtual classrooms where tutors and students meet. To make e-learning experience resemble the traditional ones, the class is equipped with virtual whiteboard, text editors, as well as audio and chat windows.

Chegg Reviews

Before deciding on whether to opt for an online class or an online tutoring job, reading reviews is a common practice. If you do the same for Chegg, you will notice that many websites have negative reviews. It might make you step back from Chegg. But that’s not the whole scenario. is a well-known website that publishes reviews and ratings. You can search Chegg on it to find customer’s views. Chegg was given an A+ rating. As you look further, you would see many negative reviews, despite it being rated as A+. 

Chegg Tutors Reviews(Source here)

The websites state that the ratings are not based on customer reviews at all. So A+ rating is not linked to customer reviews. After going through several negative reviews, you’ll observe that all of them are related to Chegg’s services of book rental and sale rather than tutoring services

 After seeing the reviews, some people might think that Chegg is a scam. But on the holistic level, the majority of bad reviews are related to book rental and sale services. After further browsing, you’ll see many positive reviews about tutoring, by both tutors and students. Hence for online tutoring, Chegg offers excellent services.

Is Chegg Legit?

is chegg legit

Chegg is a well-known platform for tutoring and learning, and the bad reviews too are about book rental and sales services. But the question remains; is Chegg legit? Before we say further, we can now at least say that it’s legit.


Chegg has been around since 2001 as an online learning platform. Surely if a company is not legit, it cannot survive for that long. Generally, if a website is a scam, it takes upfront payments under different names and runs away with your money. Identifying such companies is easier since once people start detecting fraud, they disappear quickly and change their names.


Nineteen years of existence is something that validates the legitimacy of Chegg. Both contact information and community on social media accounts can be cross-checked for its validity. There are over 60000 followers of Chegg’s Facebook page and this alone is enough to prove its authenticity.

Chegg Tutor Requirements

Chegg Requirements

Signing up on Chegg is quite similar to registering on other websites. But before you sign up, there are a few things that you should know.


Regardless of where you live, you can become a tutor on Chegg. What you need is a computer or laptop equipped with a microphone and camera and a high-speed internet connection.

To signup visit Chegg’s website and start your application by clicking signup on this link.


These are some helpful tips to help you with filling your application:

  1. Answer questions carefully and share your past teaching experience. You should share your SAT or ACT score as well if you have.
  2. Opt for a subject that you want to teach. You would be subjected to appear in subject tests for opted subjects as well. The chosen subject should preferably, have an expertise of 3 areas 
  3. Comparatively to other tutoring websites, due to the approval time, the signup process of Chegg is a bit longer. Four year’s degree and transcript need to be submitted as well. If all goes well, within a few hours, your application gets approved. Once selected, according to your expertise, you can teach students of all ages.
  4. As you proceed from time to time, you will get notifications from Chegg about the open opportunities. From the options, as a tutor, you can message students. If the student replies, you can discuss as to how the sessions should be continued.
  5. There are two types of lessons available on the platform:
    1. Live session: in the live session, students and tutors are online. They can interact and communicate and can access all tools like virtual whiteboards, video and chat windows, code editors, files and much more. 
    2. Written lesson: in written lessons, students submit their problem statements. As a tutor, you solve them and send a solution along with the explanation. You need to be mindful of the deadline, as solutions are not accepted past the deadline. For each question that you answer, you earn $3. 

Tutoring on Chegg

Become a Chegg Tutor

Chegg offers flexibility as you can log in at any time you want. There is no strict minimum limit of work that you need to do. You can take a break for two weeks or can work consecutively according to your feasibility.


What matters is that the teaching experience you are providing should be good so students can take regular classes from you. You shouldn’t take too many students at once, since you might not be able to give enough time to each student.


Hence, you should select a few students and should equally distribute your time so that each student is given enough attention and teaching experience, so students stay with you in the future as well.


Students generally choose you based on communication, past teaching experience, and your knowledge about the subject, etc. For winning the trust of your students and for them to be able to reach out to you in need easily, you should develop a good strategy to build knowledge on students. 


Besides just teaching content about your subject, you should also provide moral support so that in their exam time they stay confident and are not overwhelmed by stress. As an online tutor, you should focus on the overall success of the students.


Even for payments and related things, Chegg offers the top tools available in the market so that you don’t have to worry. The website has some rules regarding the code of conduct, and you should abide by them. Else you would lose your access to the platform as well as the student network that you have. Chegg has been around for long and therefore is aware of the potential problems that may arise. Hence it has some rules, and you should follow them and should stay in the limits marked by Chegg.

Does E-learning Suit Everyone?

As you spend more time as a tutor, you’ll realize that not e-learning does not suit all students as they have a hard time adjusting to the e-learning environment. Just having the best platform doesn’t guarantee the success of a student. Still, some differences remain between the traditional classroom experience and e-learning.


The flexible learning schedule is the most significant advantage and something that a lot of people appreciate. For cumbersome or unorganized students e-learning might be of significant help. Technology and available websites sometimes are not enough for students to help them in learning. One major reason for this is that they don’t get any feedback, or they have no interaction. Ultimately this leads to poor performance.


Certainly, e-learning is not for everyone. Hence students should choose their preferred learning style. Additionally, they should be realistic in the outcomes they expect from an online tutoring platform. On the other hand, many e-learning is more suitable. There are several success stories from tutors and students who benefited from online tutoring platforms.

Tutoring Rates on Chegg

Hourly Rates

The platforms offer two different ways of teaching and hence the rates for both vary. For online tutoring, you can easily earn up to $20 per hour. As compared to domestic incomes, the rates are not bad, keeping in mind that you are offered a flexible environment to work.


The majority of tutors find the rates quite reasonable. However, some tutors may complain its less as building a customer base of students is not easy. Whatever the case, all tutors are fond of the bonus time that Chegg offers. Bonus time is when you get high payment rates during the rush weeks, which comprises of the time between April-May and November-December. As compared to the general rate that is $20 per hour, in rush hours, you can earn up to $60-$80 per hour.


Generally, in off-season times, finding students are hard, and the demand on the website is really slow. It’s possible not to get enough work in these times.


Generally, over time as you build up your profile and win the trust of students, you can have tutoring sessions for 10-15 hours per week. However, In finals week and high demand periods, you step up to even 40 hours a week.


Chegg has been around in the market for a long time and is undoubtedly a legit company. Though you may find bad reviews, all of them are related to book rental and sales services rather than online tutoring. As an online tutor, it can be a great place to start your career. It’s a good job that allows you to have a work-life balance.

If you are working part-time, just by spending a little time each week, you can earn a lot of extra money. Or even if do it as a full-time job, you can stay online for long periods and can earn up to $1000 weekly. Furthermore, keeping up the pace during rush hours allows you to make more than $2500. So give Chegg a chance and see the incentives yourself.

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