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About Me

Hello there!

I’m Ahmet, I am a PhD student and an online tutor (proof of identity here).

Some time ago I decided to give online tutoring a try, and it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I discovered that, when done properly, online tutoring is at least as efficient as in-person tutoring, both in terms of the session quality and earning potential.

My online tutoring adventure ended up being a huge success. I was able to charge my first 79USD/hr as early as 16 days after starting to tutor online, and I have accumulated 92 all 5-star reviews on the online tutoring platform Wyzant, without even a single 4-star review.

Having a job where you can work whenever and wherever you want is as close as it can get to having a superpower. You set your own schedule, you can go or move anywhere you want without worrying about job prospects. This all sounded to good to be true. Like almost all the other “make money at the comfort of your home” promises, I expected this one to fail as well.

To my pleasant surprise, it worked. And it worked better than I expected. Online tutoring brought a whole new level of financial security to my life. In that sense, giving a try to online tutoring really was a life-changing decision for me.

I created Online Tutoring Mastery to spread the wonderful news about this superpower, and share what I know with you. I love making a positive impact on people’s lives. The idea of helping people achieve financial security in the comfort of their homes is very exciting to me.

Where to Start?

All online tutors had to start somewhere. I know, it may feel a bit overwhelming to think about the whole process. Which devices to buy, how much extra you should spend, where to get students etc. However, no need to worry. Online Tutoring Mastery is going to help you succeed, the only prerequisite is being good at teaching.
As long as you are good at teaching, and people would be willing to pay you to teach/tutor them, you can be a great online tutor. No other prerequisites.
I regularly publish content on this website but some of them are more detailed than the others. To start, I highly recommend checking out the two articles in “The Ultimate Guide” series. They are long, so you can use the table of contents to jump around. However, I recommend reading all of them, reading all that info early in the process will save you a lot of time in the long run.

In addition, I also highly recommend joining our Facebook group. There you will meet a lot of people going through the same process, which means joining a great community to exchange knowledge with.

To browse the website further, you can utilize the list of recent posts I attach below. Feel free to share your comments and questions in the comments section of each post. We would love to have you join our community!

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